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I am a Bend, Oregon based photographer specializing in portrait/event photography, videography, and aerial still and video.
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I’ve done it all. Portrait, fine art, event, virtual tour,  journalistic, candid. While I enjoy some more than others, I’m always open to exploring great photography projects (fair warning to non profits and hat-in-hander’s however – good luck in your endeavors but I’m not your guy if you got no scratch). Hit me up if you would like to engage with a photographer who follows no formulae or tired stereotype.


People have been asking me for years: “do you do video?” My answer used to be a standard “no” but I’ve since changed my tune. I like the open nature of video with the plethora of douche bags skilled artists with YouTube channels and Snapchat/Vine whatever’s capturing the attention of countless millions. Why not? Creating for engaging video is really fun and rewarding!

Aerial Photo/Video

A common question lately has been “are you doing aerial video?” Realtors are hungry for compelling sales content and video/stills shot from the air are HOT. So of course what do I do? I get a pro drone… and start shooting some amazing video footage where only eagles dare. So YES, if you’re looking for great aerial video hit me up! I’m registered with the FAA and fully versed in the technical and legal requirements to generate amazing aerial video.

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