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Lance Hardy Photography is a renowned company that specializes in capturing unique and artistic portraits using long exposure techniques. Established in 2010, my company has flourished and become a leader in this field. Light portraiture, an exquisite art form, involves skillfully utilizing light sources and extended exposures to capture mesmerizing light trails and captivating patterns in photographs. At Lance Hardy Photography, we offer a diverse range of techniques and employ multiple talented photographers who excel at capturing these awe inspiring images.

I possess the ability to create breathtaking photos that will undoubtedly captivate your audience. Each light infused photograph is meticulously crafted as a one of a kind masterpiece where every element is thoughtfully designed to exude utmost beauty.

From the innovative use of lighting to achieving the perfect composition, we take into account every minute detail. Whether you are seeking a special gift for someone or simply wish to immortalize a moment in time, Lance Hardy Photography can assist you in creating the ideal image.

With my unwavering commitment to perfection, you can relish the splendor of these exquisite light photos for years to come. I collaborate with several talented local photographers who share my passion for bringing this art form to life.

I'm currently working on an amazing project with nude boudoir models. I'll be partnering with boudoir photographer Michael Jones from Sin Boudoir. The prints from this project will be for sale in my gallery. Stop by and check it out!!